1 October 2016

Jacques & Jo-lize’s Wedding Day

VENUE: Mellow Stream Wedding Venue | MAKEUP: Candice Etsebeth | HAIR: Bianca Roos | WEDDING DRESS: Chiqwawa
DECOR: Dream Worx(hired @) | MARRIAGE OFFICIANT: Pastoor – Fanna Harmse – Lewende Woord Kerk

Jacques & Jo-lize - Jamie Jonk Photography

When the ceremony ended and I stepped outside the church, it felt like I stepped in the middle of a hurricane. Storm clouds looming over head and the wind blowing every chance of us getting outside shots away. I was quite nervous. But we pushed on, and Jacques and Jo-lize were also up for the challenge. The cold and wind did not have any effect on the love that were burning in them. As the shoot progressed we were blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen! I am so thankful to know the God who created everything. All the glory to God!


             Jacques & Jo-lize - Jamie Jonk Photography

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