Walking down the aisle is possibly the biggest moment you are going to have this year. There are so many things that could go wrong during this very exciting emotional moment.
We have seen it all and this blog is about giving you an objective perspective of what could go wrong, and what to do to prevent it.

Walking down the isle - JamieJonk Photography



The doors fly open and you and your dad start the wedding march down the aisle. You see you’re soon to be husband and BAM!! Someone falls into the aisle trying to get a good shot with her phone. Everyone laughs and it’s a big joke. It will be remember forever. But here you are, this moment was supposed to be perfect, but the moment is not about you anymore. In fact your wedding day is not about you anymore.

What about the moment where everything is ready, you and your dad start making your way to the chapel, and the preacher is still not there? He can’t find your venue! Disaster.

Some would say who cares, don’t let it get to you. It’s your wedding day. But the reality is that it’s not how you planned it. In one moment you go from super excited to super irritated. This is not how you would want to remember your wedding day.

So walking down the aisle is not just a quick walk in the park. What are the solutions then?


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This has become a very popular thing to do. But what does an unplugged wedding mean and how could it help your walk down the aisle to go smooth?

Unplugged wedding means that when the ceremony start from the time your walk down the aisle none of your guests are allowed to take photos or videos. We have seen some cute posters that brides-to-be have made to tell people that they are not allowed to take photos during the ceremony. But the preacher could also make an announcement before you enter the chapel that they are not allowed.

You have hired a photographer and some have a videographer also. They will capture every beautiful moment of the whole ceremony.


We tell all our bridal couples that if they want to allow people to take photos and video when she is walking down the aisle, there should be CLEAR announcements made by either the preacher or the MC. The announcement is easy and it should basically tell your guests that they are more than welcome to take photos and videos, BUT they are NOT allowed to go into the aisle. Most guests we get to meet have lots of respect for the bridal couples. They keep to the rules.


That moment you’re walking down the aisle cannot be re-done. We can’t stop and do it over. The excitement will be gone in a second. You want your soon to be husband to have an emotional overload when he sees you for the first time. You want to have that special, once in a lifetime moment with your dad walking down the aisle. These are priceless moments.

Rehearsing the walk down the aisle does not help at all. The actual moment is much more nerv wrecking than the rehearsal. And the rehearsal does not have guests that could possibly ruin the moment.

There are so many scenarios that could play out, and there are many weddings that crazy things have happened. Most importantly you need to know what you want, make sure everyone is constantly reminded about the wedding day, make sure the preacher and other vendor’s know exactly where your wedding venue is.

Good luck with your wedding day, and don’t fall while you are walking down the aisle 😉



I have always wondered why bride to be’s rather book the wedding venue before they book the photographer. It should actually be the photographer that has to be booked first, then the photographer should assist in choosing the venue. Why? Because the photographer (and by photographer I mean a professional one) looks at a venue from a whole different perspective. Hence the reason why I’m doing this blog, to show you what a photographer will need from a wedding venue to give YOU the fairy tale wedding photos you have dreamed about your whole life.

Please note here that every photographer is different, so these points I am going to make are ones specifically in my taste, but they are all also general and I know every #prophotographer out there would want these scenarios in a wedding venue, to get breath taking photos.

What are photo opportunities really? This should be a self explanatory thing but still most bridal couples choose a wedding venue based on what they see. For example, they would only choose the venue because of the big reception hall and the light themes inside, or they would choose the venue because of the beautiful garden. Let’s get this very clear, a beautiful garden looks great from our eye’s perspective as we not only SEE the beauty but we also FEEL the beauty. On the other hand a camera does not feel anything, so the beautiful garden would in actual fact give you “busy” photos.

Photo opportunities are  actual “scenes” where a photographer can have the couple pose in. The scenes need to be carefully planned and not all wedding venues get this right. Most of the time just a simple open landscape scene where the sunset is behind the couple can give hours of photo time and also with the right photographer give amazing variants in shots.

Below are two shots I took a while back. Notice the difference in the shots though it is almost the same shot. When choosing your venue, look at photo opportunities from the photographer’s point of view and ask yourself how many variations in photos can we get here. Variety is key.


This is probably the most important aspect when looking at venues. Yes with your eyes you see a beautiful garden or even a beautiful scene where most photographers shoot at that venue, but look further than that. What is in the background? Most beautiful gardens have walls or fencing around the property, will that ugly wall or fence be in your photos? How many tall trees are in the background, maybe there are neighboring buildings in the background, would you want those in your photos forever?

The background of every scene is THE most important thing to look at. A good trick to do is take your phone and take photos of the different scenes, you will get a fairly general feel of what you wil get, but more importantly you can send these photos to your photographer and get his/her opinion on it.

Below are examples of some of the most beautiful scenes I had the privilege to work with. These are set in different scenarios and themes but it will give you a good sense of what you can look out for when doing venue hunting.

This was a night shot inside the chapel. This specific chapel had these big chandeliers which made for amazing shots

Another night shot with the windmill in the background, notice there are not tall trees in the background so the focus are just on them and the windmill.

We stayed in one place here, notice the variety of photos we had just with one beautiful scene and a beautiful sunset.

It always helps if the venue has beautiful staircases it makes great photo opportunities.

This is just one photo opportunity, notice the variety of photos

Ultimately I dont think there are wedding venues out there that are perfect, meaning venues that have everything you want like amazing photo opportunities and also beautiful buildings like the chapel and reception hall. You will have to compromise in some aspects but personally I feel that your photos are the most important thing, but we all are different.

Hope this blog has helped you in thinking a bit before you choose a wedding venue. It is always a good idea to ask the venue on the viewing day to see all the photo opportunities.

Have fun planning!


There are millions of beauty tips all over the internet. The difference with these tips are that they come from the perspective of a wedding photographer and some fashion experience. Why is this important? Anyone can give beauty tips, but I see many brides through the year and I see the problems they go through on their wedding day. I see the things they didn’t think about. Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is not the easiest thing on earth. You plan a whole year at least for this one day, it can be a bit overwhelming.

If I can at least get you to a point to think out of the box with this blog, then I have been successful 😉

Beauty Tip #1 Take a long bubble bath before the chaos starts.

Beauty Tips

Your wedding day is never what you expect. Your planning did not end the night before the wedding. On your wedding day you will be sorting out problems and trying to keep everything you planned in order. I have not seen a bride do this yet, but a long hot bubble bath BEFORE your day starts will definitely have a calming effect. It will open the pores and you will feel refreshed and ready for the big day. This is your day, enjoy every moment.

Beauty Tip #2 Emergency touch up kit.

Beauty Tips

Some of the best makeup artist we have come across has given the bride a touch up kit. The reason why this is a good beauty tip, is because the brides use the touch up kit every time. You never know what the weather will be like on your wedding day. It may be a very hot day and we all know makeup does not do well in hot weather. Your day may be filled with tears of joy. No matter the circumstances you need a touch up kit. Always a good idea to have one of your bridesmaids hold on to it for you.

Beauty Tip #3 Pimple attack.

Beauty Tips

Stress has a huge effect on our bodies. Especially when you mix stress with the nervs 😉 There are many things you can do to get rid of pimples. If you have at least 24 hours to your big day, you can get a cortisone shot. Do not use acne treatments–they’ll just dry the spot out and make it harder to cover. Don’t overdo makeup. Use concealer as close to your skin tone as possible. I always say prevention is better than cure. So start at least a month before your wedding with a good acne system like exposed skin care.

Under no circumstances should you try to pop the pimple!

Beauty Tip #4 Keep the wind in mind.

Beauty Tips

Wind is wind, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. What you can do however is think about your wedding hairstyle. Will it be wind proof? Will it be able to go through a windy day and go on till the night is over? Keep in mind, your wedding photos should last a lifetime. Do not regret a bad wedding hairstyle.

Beauty Tip #5 Keep the tummy full.

Beauty Tips

Yeah beer won’t cut it 😉 We see many brides that forget to eat. Understandably you won’t have an apatite, the nervs are in high gear on the wedding day. But you need to eat, you don’t want to faint in front of all your guests. Have something to eat before your makeup is being done. There are many healthy options that won’t bloat you.

Beauty Tip #6 Buy your wedding shoes in advance.

Beauty tips

I see this over and over, brides that can’t be in their wedding shoes for more than 5 minutes. You need to buy your wedding shoes in advance and take the time to walk them in. I have seen brides that have practiced their first dance in their wedding shoes to get comfortable in them. Get yourself a pair of flat shoes too. You are going to walk around a lot on your wedding day, especially during the bridal couples formal photos. It would give your feet some much needed rest to do the walking in the flat shoes.

Beauty Tip #7 Let your dress breath.

Beauty tips

I always cringe when I arrive at the bridal suite and the wedding dress is still hanging in its bag. As soon as you get to the bridal suite, the first thing you need to do is take the wedding dress out of the bag and hang it somewhere where it can breath. Especially the wedding dress with netting, if those dresses get enough time to breath, you won’t even need to use a steamer. Always be extra careful when using a steamer, you only have one dress.

Beauty Tip #8 Perfume everything.

Beauty Tips

On this day you don’t have to hold back. You can never have enough perfume. But to be honest, if there is hot weather on your wedding day you will need to have perfume on everything. Spray your legs, arms, boobs and even your hair. A beautiful bride smells great!

Beauty Tip #9 Keep your man’s hands clean.

Beauty Tips

This is one no one ever thinks about. There are going to be photos, especially closeups, taken of your hands and yes your husbands hands too. In the months leading to the big day keep your man’s hands clean and well looked after. Maybe it will get him in the habit of doing it himself 😉

Beauty Tip #10 Relax.

Beauty Tips

There are going to be things on your day that go wrong. Be it small or big problems, it does not matter. You need to relax and enjoy your day. Whatever goes wrong will go wrong, you have no control over that. I always say you may know that something went wrong, not as its suppose to, but no one else will even notice. Just keep swimming 😉

Have fun planning your big day!

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There are many wedding venues across South Africa. We have been privileged enough to shoot weddings at some of the best. This blog post will be ever evolving as we shoot at more and more wedding venues.

What makes this  post unique is that we give you the a look at some of the best wedding venues through our eyes as professional wedding photographers. To make it to the top of our list, a wedding venue needs certain characteristics to make your wedding day extraordinary and special.

The following wedding venues has proved their excellence over and over. The proof however is in the pudding.

Mbidi Lodge – Dikwena Lodge

Wedding Venues

Dikwena Lodge was definitely one of our favorites in 2016. You can’t get more South African than this. Surrounded by African bushveld and wild animals, you get that free feeling where you can just breath. Most wedding venues always lack in some area, but at Dikwena Lodge you get the whole 9 yards. They have plenty of photo opportunities. You can go for a game drive when taking your formal bridal photos. You can even hire a cheetah to shoot with! They have a spacious bridal prepping room, which gives amazing photos.

Dikwena Lodge has enough stylish room to house your guests, the staff are also very accommodating and helpfull.

Website: www.dikwenalodge.co.za

Facebook: @dikwenalodge

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues



Oakfield Farm

Oakfield Farm definitely is the leaders in the wedding venues industry. They know what bridal couples want, they also know what photographers and videographers want. All the different venues on the Oakfield grounds are designed with perfection and style.

Website: http://oakfield.co.za

Facebook: @OakfieldFarm

Lezar Opstal

If you love horses then Lezar Opstal would be heaven for you. Situated on the outskirts of Heidelberg South Africa, Lezar has everything you need to make your wedding day special. There are many options at Lezar Opstal, from a ceremony surrounded by the finest horse stables to picturesque landscapes to make all your wedding photos breathtaking.
There are stylish accommodation available to house your guests and the staff at Lezar Opstal are friendly and always helpful.

Website: www.lezaropstal.co.za

Facebook: LezarOpstal

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues



Chez Charlene

Wedding Venues

Of all the wedding venues out there, Chez Charlene takes your breath away. Luxurious, Stylish, Elegant are just some of the words that come to mind. Situated in the east of Pretoria in South Africa, Chez Charlene boast with a five star rating. The main hall has amazing light setups that will make your wedding day a fairytale. What impressed me the most is the staff and how organized they are, everyone walks around with hands free radios and any situation is dealt with in the fastest and most organized manner I have ever seen.

Chez Charlene has many photo opportunities to suit any type of wedding photographer. There are horses and horse stables which makes great photos. The accomodation and bridal suite is very luxurious. The main attraction is however the main hall with the beautiful chandeliers, spacious dance floor and stylish decor.

Website: http://chezcharlene.co.za

Facebook: @venuechezcharlene

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues

Heavens Gate

Wedding Venues

Heavens Gate is all about luxury. It’s not a very big venue, but they have some elements that just makes a wedding day amazing. Heavens gate boast with a variety of swans and swan ponds, which makes great photo opportunities. The main hall with its beautiful drappings and chandeliers face a big swan pond with a wall of glass. This makes for unique wedding photos. Heavens Gate wedding venue is definitely worthy to be in the Top list of wedding venues.

Website: www.heavensgatevenue.co.za

Facebook: @heavensgatevenue

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues

The Royal Elephant Hotel

Wedding Venues

The Royal Elephant Hotel was definitely one of my favorites to shoot at. The venue has everything a professional photographer would want, from big open lawns to stylish, luxurious interiors to capture some amazing photos. The Royal Elephant Hotel definitely deserves a place in our Top list of wedding venues.

Website: www.royalelephant.co.za

Facebook: @ElephantRoyal

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues



The Moon and Sixpence

Wedding venues

We loved the Moon and Sixpence, there are many photo opportunities. It’s almost hard to get to them all in just one day. They have amazing accommodation and the bridal suit is spacious and luxurious. This venue is suited for almost every type of themed wedding, and definitely will suit any type of wedding photographer.

Website: http://moonandsixpence.co.za/

Facebook: @TheMoonandSixpence

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues

Mellow Stream Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues

Mellow Stream is absolutely stunning. It’s situated in the farm lands outside Middelburg South Africa. The staff is exceptional and the venue style has a very rustic vintage feel. With huge open fields and a river running through the venue grounds, there are plenty of photo opportunities. Nothings beats a breath taking South African sunset.

The venue has great accomodation to house your guests and has a unique bridal suit that is stylish and romantic. You can also have a ceremony beside the river to create a real South African atmosfere.

Website: http://mellowstream.co.za

Facebook: @mellowstream


.Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues

Diep in die Berg

Wedding venues

Diep in die berg truly means what the name says. The venue is nestled in the hill side and there are many amazing photo opportunities. The venue is stylish and luxurious and the venue grounds are always looked after and in perfect condition. The staff is always helpful and very friendly. The chapel is amazing and creates great photo opportunities. The main hall has everything a bride to be wants, from stylish interiors to big floor space.

Website: www.diepindieberg.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Diep-in-die-Berg-Conference-and-Function-Centre-201140179917136/

Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues Wedding Venues


Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue

Galagos wedding venue is a power house of amazing photo opportunities. The venue is breath taking inside and out. They have a main forest theme surrounded by their unique architectures. I enjoyed doing the night shots as there are many unique scenes that are amazing in the night. The food is top class and the guests enjoy the tranquility of the venue. The staff are very helpful and they go the extra mile. They have accommodation available for the guests. Galagos deserves to be in our Top wedding venue list for so many reasons.

Website: www.galagos.co.za

Facebook: @galagoscountryestate

Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue Jamie Jonk Photography - Galagos Wedding Venue

Cradle Valley Guesthouse

Cradle Valley Guesthouse impressed us the moment we drove through the front gate. The venue is packed with photo opportunities for every type of photography style. The staff are amazing and really gives the bridal couple a sense of relaxation. The food was amazing and I had no complaints. We loved the pond that is in front of the main hall, it gave us opportunities to get amazing reflection shots. The prep room for the bridal party is amazing, it has enough room and mirrors for every one to get ready. The honeymoon suite is perfect for capturing stunning shots of the wedding dress. But as always the proof is in the pudding, enjoy some of the photos below.

Website: http://cradlevalley.co.za
Facebook: @cradlevalleyguesthouse


 Diamond 4 Estate

Diamond 4 Estate is an amazing wedding venue. If you are looking for a bushveld wedding venue then this is the one for you. It can seat up to 600 guests. What we love the most about Diamond 4 Estate are the amount of photo opportunities, there is something for every type of photography style. We however LOVE the amazing sunsets captured from the hill. The food is amazing and the staff is always happy to assist. The prep room for the bride is also amazing, very spacious and gives great photo opportunities.

Website: www.diamond4.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Diamond-4-Wedding-Function-Venue-108623379169258/

Cheerio Gardens

Cheerio Gardens is definitely one of our favorites. If you like forest type wedding venues, then Cheerio Gardens will not disappoint. There are enough accommodation available and makes for great weekend weddings. The staff of Cheerio Gardens are friendly, helpful and goes the extra mile. The food and service is pure South African cuisine, we could not get enough of it! Photography wise, there are MANY photo opportunities for every type of photography style. Cheerio Gardens has a big reception hall and one of the most beautiful chapels we have seen.

Website: http://www.cheeriogardens.co.za/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CheerioGardens

Cheerio GardensCheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens Cheerio Gardens




Wedding planning can turn into a nightmare. As a professional photographer I see many wedding plans in various types of wedding themes. The secrets that I am about to reveal are never thought about when doing wedding planning.

Guests take up more time than you anticipate

Guest can take up valuable wedding time

 We see this in EVERY wedding we do. The timeline for example says that there is 30mins for family photos. But what actually happens is that almost all your guests want to greet and congratulate you after the ceremony. Which in effect can take up to 30 mins extra if not controlled. We give time for your guests to congratulate you, but remember this needs to be controlled. When doing wedding planning, work some extra time in for guests that want to say hi and congratulate you.

Have an extra pair of flat shoes

Get an extra pair of flat wedding shoes for the wedding day

What is a wedding without a gorgeous pair of high heels with lots of bling and that brand name! Depending on your wedding venue, you may want to take photos deep in the field or on a small hill or some other rough terrain. To try and manage these type of terrains with high heels are not very easy. Thus I suggest you have a pair of flat shoes with you, to make things easier for yourself.

Night Photos

Jamie Jonk Photography Jamie Jonk Photography

If you want stunning night photos (if your photographer has adequate gear to shoot at night) add at least 30mins in your planning for this. The problem here is the reception is always planned to the very second, and most photographers finish up at 10pm.

When things go south

There are always things that doesn’t work out like you planned. But the worst of these are things that prevent your program to flow like it should. Most bridal couples try very hard to stay on their program, but when things are going south try and be flexible. There are always parts of the wedding that can be done on a later stage in the evening. Like for instance the family photos. If your wedding is late by over an hour, then rather do the family photos later in the evening to make some time up so that you still have enough time to get amazing formal photos.

Groom’s prepping photos

Groom getting ready with groomsman

To be honest here, there are almost never a time where the groom actually cares about prepping photos. The bride also want to see these photos and thus the importance of also capturing the groom’s prep. The problem here is that the groom normally waits till the last seconds to get dressed. By that time the main photographer is hard at work shooting at the bride’s side. A nifty trick we have gathered through our experience, is to stage the groom’s prep. I will go to the guys, ask them to start getting dressed as if they would actually would. After the shoot they take off the clothes and go back to their casual outfits. It always helps if the guys are not too far from the bride, this just creates more time to get more photos on both ends.

Venue’s Chair Problem

Wedding tables without chairs

Not many people know this, there are actually wedding venues that use the chairs of the reception for the ceremony. This is a huge problem, as most photographers take photos of the table settings early in the morning. Now if your venue is using the chairs of the reception for the ceremony, then you will get bad photos of the reception hall without chairs in the photos. Speak to your venue and find out if they do this. Rather let them hire more chairs, so you can have beautiful photos of your reception hall and table settings. When you are doing your wedding planning, be firm but flexible and don’t settle for less.

Multiple weddings in one venue

There are many wedding venues that have the means to have multiple weddings on the same day. However, some of them have multiple reception halls, but only one chapel. Of course they do their planning and have adequate times set out for each wedding. The problem here is that when we start with your formal photos we start inside the church or chapel. Now if there is another wedding hot on the heels of your wedding, the venue will start cleaning up the chapel right after your ceremony is done. Then we cannot capture romantic photos in the chapel as all your flowers and decor in the chapel have been removed for the next wedding’s. Speak to the venue to give you at least 15 mins to 30 mins extra before they remove the decor.

Dance floor

The worst thing you can do is throw rose petals on the dance floor. When danced upon, these rose petals get crushed and become sticky. Rather spend some extra cash on a DJ that has a DRY ICE smoke machine. The dry ice smoke machine makes amazing photos! (If your photographer has the right gear to capture this amazing scene.)

Cutting of the cake

Bridal Couple cutting the cake after ceremony

More bridal couples are doing this, cutting the cake right after the ceremony. We have seen this a few times and we suggest it to everyone. There are a few benefits to this.

Firstly while you are away shooting your formal photos, your guests can relax and have some cake. Cutting the cake late at night has one very dramatic downside. NO ONE eats the cake. Everyone has had their main meal, and are basically stuffed and just want to PARTY!! Your R8000 cake goes to waste. But doing the cutting of the cake right after the ceremony ensures that your guests will eat the cake and not waste money. Another benefit is that you get beautiful photos when you cut the cake early. All the guests have nothing else to do than stand close by and support you. Cutting the cake later the evening will result in very lonely photos, as all the guests are outside smoking or dancing.

Wedding planning is ever evolving. These are some of the things we have experienced on the weddings we had the privileged to photograph. I will update this post as I get more ideas and experience upcoming weddings and their wedding planning.


How can there be the worst confetti? In this article we will take a look at some of the worst confetti ideas. They can ruin your wedding photos, and possible your wedding dress too. Confetti has become a touchy subject resulting in wedding venues to actually control the type of confetti being used. This makes it very difficult to choose the right confetti as there are not a lot of options left. My first word of advice is to discuss the types of confetti with the venues you visit when going out to look for that perfect wedding venue.

In this article however we will not be talking about which confetti is the best but rather the WORST confetti you could probably use, but I will say this: When choosing the type of confetti, think about something that has “air time“. Something like bubbles or rose petals take some time before they fall to the ground making them great to get stunning photos.

The following worst confetti ideas I am going to list are purely out of our experience as professional wedding photographers. These are confetti ideas that just makes BAD photos even though they might sound like a fun or even romantic idea. This is only my opinion and only there to get all the ‘brides to be’ thinking.


Worst confetti Ideas Worst confetti Ideas

I get the fact that popcorn could be a great idea, it falls right into the demands of the difficult wedding venues. It’s good for the environment, the bride and groom can try to catch it with their mouths, guests can eat the popcorn…wait…that should not happen 😉 that’s the first reason it’s a bad idea. Your guests has been sitting in the chapel for about an hour on average, they are HUNGRY. They will definitely take a bite.

Popcorn does NOT float very well. When taking photos of the popcorn being thrown, you have two options, 1. freezing the frame to freeze the popcorn in the air (which professional photographers are able to do) or 2. showing the trail of the popcorn as it’s flying which basically will look like dozens of lines going down in front of the bride and groom. Sometimes it can work to do it like this but still, popcorn is not a very romantic type of confetti. There is one type of popcorn EVERY bride should avoid completely! COLOURED POPCORN! Coloured popcorn is the worst confetti idea, the main problem with this is that the popcorn falls into the brides dress, and because the bride is basically overheating in the dress, the colour on the popcorn melts immediately and yes this stains your dress. Not to mention the guests are holding on to the popcorn to get ready to throw, the colour on the popcorn melts in their hands, then they will obviously come over to give you a hug…enough said 😉


Worst confetti Ideas

Now you might say that feathers has amazing ‘air time’ and I would agree. BUT what most brides do not think about is that feathers can give you an allergic reaction and have you scratching your whole wedding through. Feathers are not a bad idea but be sure you or any of your guests are not allergic to them at all.


Worst confetti Ideas

There is a new type of confetti bubble on the market. It’s either called Sticky Bubbles or Touchable Bubbles. No matter what you call them, they are the WORST confetti idea. If you haven’t realized by now, these type of bubbles DO NOT pop, they stick to everything! Yes you will get great photos with millions of bubbles in the air, but you will also get a bride and groom that look like martians from out of space covered in bubbles. Not to mention everybody running for their lives as soon as they realize they are not your normal bubbles 😉 Do not fear however, these bubbles washes off with warm water. Keep in mind, even normal bubbles will not give stunning photos on a windy day.


Worst confetti Ideas

Most ladies like anything bling and I suppose this is why people have introduced sequins as a confetti idea. The hard fact of this is that sequins and glitter are so small you will hardly see it on the photos, unless you can get a big dump truck to pour a ton over you… no don’t even go there 😉 The other downside of sequins is it will go everywhere in your dress making it very uncomfortable for you. Most wedding blogs that write about great confetti ideas has no photos when they suggest sequins or glitter, as there are no great photos with them.


Worst confetti Ideas

Yes I know it’s biodegradable and very traditional, but again the rice are so small, you will hardly see them on the photos. And yes they will also be crawling and scratching you in your dress the whole night.

If you have any more bad confetti ideas, post it in the comments below, let’s make life a better place 😉

Happy planning B2B’s


We see many brides, and we shoot many weddings. Attention to details is everything. Seeing things visually always helps more than just trying to imagine it. So I compiled some photos that I think is stunning vintage wedding hairstyles. Not just out of a look good sense, but also out of a photographers point of view.   There are many factors to keep in mind when you want to go for a vintage hairstyle. PLEASE NOTE: These are not our own photos, these are just ideas we randomly chose. If one of these photos are your own, please contact us so we can credit your name with your photo.

Will the hairstyle fit your wedding dress?

What would be the use of a vintage hairstyle, if you you have a more modern wedding dress? Also you need to keep your wedding venue and theme in mind. If the wedding venue has a vintage feel, then yes, your vintage hairstyle will work.

What if you are getting married in a windy area

Trust me, you don’t want to have your hairstylist fix your hair every 5 minutes through your formal photos. Vintage hairstyles are planned and very detailed, even if sprayed for hours with hairspray, you still need to keep wind in mind.

Does your makeup artist know how to do makeup with a vintage look?

The modern trends in makeup are more natural tones, but with a vintage hairstyle, you need darker types of makeup that goes with the certain look you want. Even adding eyelashes creates an amazing look with the vintage hairstyle. Personally I’m not a fan of red lips, especially at a wedding, but with the right dress, and vintage hairstyle, red lips would look amazing.

Timing is everything

A vintage wedding hairstyle will naturally take much longer than normal, so plan ahead with your hairstylist, keep enough time for your hair to be done. Also keep in mind that your bridal party’s hair should also be done in time. If your budget allows it, get an extra hairstylist for your bridal party.

The bridal party’s hair

If you are going to do a vintage hairstyle, then you need to have your bridal party also with vintage hairstyles. Especially when you are planning to take photos with the girls, it would look odd if they don’t have vintage hairstyles.

Here are some examples of Vintage Wedding Hairstyles:

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles



Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

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