Lately I have seen an increase in wedding photographers far beyond my expectations. It makes sense though, as you can buy the latest DSLR cameras, and no matter what you do, when the shutter button is pressed the photo is good quality 7 out of 10 times. The outcome however is that these photographers think that the best gear and cameras will make them professional photographers. The end result is almost always BAD wedding poses.

bad wedding poses

There are so many factors to consider before you can be classified as a professional photographer. Personally I think the worst thing that could have ever happened is photography schools. Many people go to “learn” or “study” photography. Well in my opinion photography is an art, not everyone can be painters, and no not everyone has creative abilities. Photography comes from within. Creating art.

We can go on with this subject for hours, but the theme of this post is all about BAD wedding poses. It comes down to the photographer (amateur or professional) that does not have the creative ability to pose a bridal couple. Now many people say that they don’t like “posed” photos, which is a silly thing to say, as you can do a pose and still look natural. We all are continually in a certain pose, no matter what we are doing. So the trick is to pose someone and yet make them look natural. This is what I call CREATIVITY IN PHOTOGRAPHY.

The following photos are not my own, these are photos I came across on various websites. The main purpose of these photos is to show brides to be what BAD poses look like. Enjoy 😉

bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses bad wedding poses

If any of these photos belong to you, please contact me asap so we can credit you accordingly

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